Take a step into professional world of scuba diving

If you love diving and you are thinking about working in the dive industry, or if you want to improve greatly your dive skills and pile up dives for a month or two, our Divemaster internship program is designed for you!

Over a few weeks you will work on your dive skills and assist on courses, learn how to guide certified divers and increase your dive theory knowledge. You will also put into practice a lot of new skills such as creating a dive map, demonstrating skills for students and more!

Finally, you will get a feel of what it is like to work in the dive industry, be part of our Sanctum family and get useful tips from our team!

Become a pro

Divemaster internship

Duration: 2 months
Dives: Unlimited

Divemaster Internship program can provide you a job all over the world by exploring the best scuba diving destination while getting paid for. This course is fun, intense and rewarding scuba diving course. This is the first steps towards to your professional scuba diving career. Your professional training will start here!

The Divemaster program is designed to create industry leaders and dive professionals. At Sanctum, you will study independently and receive theory session with your instructor. You will put this knowledge into action through a series of practical training exercises with guidance from our highly experienced instructors.

You will be expected to help out like a member of staff, to complete all dive theory, assist the instructors, give dive briefings, guide certified divers under direct supervision, make a map of the dive site of your choice, demonstrate skills to students and much, much more. We take a pride in each and every divemaster we trained, as our team of instructors will mentor you and make sure you are up and ready for your future diving job.

Consider take this course if you want to

  • Became professional level of diving
  • Share your passion with other in daily basis
  • Work around the world as a dive professional

Included in course

  • Instructor
  • Theory and practical lessons
  • Unlimited dives (based on the actual diving schedule)
  • Divemaster training manuals
  • Divemaster certification
  • discount at sanctum restaurant

Not included

  • Yearly professional fees
  • Dive equipment

Where do I stay?

We offer free room at our staff resort inside the island and bicycle.

During your stay you will participate on daily life of dive resort. This way you will get a realistic idea of how to work in the dive resort and helping everyday tasks in the resort and dive centre.

What should you bring?

At the professional level, we recommend you to have your own dive gear. Dive equipment is part of your working tools and therefore when applying your future jobs, you will look more professional and most of the dive centres expect you to have your own dive equipment.

You should at least have the following equipment

  • Dive computer
  • SMB and reel
  • Regulator (yoke system)
  • BCD
  • Diving torch
  • Whistle
  • Mask, snorkel and fins
  • Knife or cutting tool

Who can take this course?

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Rescue diver certification
  • Active First Aid & CPR training status
  • Current medical form, showing that you are fit to dive (within 12 months)
  • 40 log dives
If you don’t meet all requirements, we will bring you up to the necessary level.

After receiving certificate

  • You are now professional scuba diver.
  • You can start to apply scuba diving jobs all around the world.
  • Qualified to guide certified divers.
  • After receiving certificate: enroll an assistant instructor course
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